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Season's Greetings

It's Christmas Day in my household, and so far, everyone else is asleep. The fridge is overloaded with Feast Fare, including homemade chocolates, cheese-cup-cakes, a lo-carb pizza, and one of Beloved's own creations that I'm calling Salmon Bread in lieu of something better.

It's a sort of low-carb bread kind of deal, but as you can guess, it has loads of salmon in it. And it's tasty as hell. I'm encouraging Beloved to formalize the recipe so I can share it with you. Including our own improvised dipping sauce that just makes everything delicious.

In fact, I'm pondering whether I should make Brekkie Cups1 for everyone so that the Feast Fare theoretically remains untouched. Especially the pizza.

But... for the meanwhile, everything is still and quiet in Casa de Nutter. So while I enjoy peace on my little slice of Earth, I can wish all of you, my dear readers, a happy and safe December Holiday Season.

Whether you celebrate:

  • Festivus
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa
  • Ramadan
  • Saturnalia
  • Yule
  • Winter Solstice
  • Anything I may have missed (Let me know, I like to know things)

Or whether today is just another day for you... as my favourite robots say, Seasonal Seasonings. May you all make it through the last stretch of this year safe, sane2, and with at least one heart's desire fulfilled.

Share the love for what is left of this year, and all of next year, too.

  1. Simplest LCHF kind of nommable there is: Line a muffin pan hole with rasher bacon, crack an entire egg into it, add seasonings and grated cheese. Bake at 180C (360F) until the cheese is golden brown. If your bacon had enough fat, you should have no troubles getting the results out of the muffin pan, silicone pan or not. It is, alas, expensive because bacon is sin-taxed, but ye gods, it's delicious.

  2. Sane-passing counts!

It's raining on Christmas Eve

And since I spent my formative years in the country and living on tank water, I have only one response to rain on Christmas Eve:


I hope it stays, today. I hope it stays tomorrow. I hope it stays for Boxing Day, when a majority of the post-festivity mess is getting cleaned up.

We need a nice, gentle, cooling rain in the very middle of summer. We need it like air. A nice, set-in rain would make this Christmas perfect.


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