Seasons Greetings

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Season's Greetings

It's Christmas Day in my household, and so far, everyone else is asleep. The fridge is overloaded with Feast Fare, including homemade chocolates, cheese-cup-cakes, a lo-carb pizza, and one of Beloved's own creations that I'm calling Salmon Bread in lieu of something better.

It's a sort of low-carb bread kind of deal, but as you can guess, it has loads of salmon in it. And it's tasty as hell. I'm encouraging Beloved to formalize the recipe so I can share it with

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It's raining on Christmas Eve

And since I spent my formative years in the country and living on tank water, I have only one response to rain on Christmas Eve:


I hope it stays, today. I hope it stays tomorrow. I hope it stays for Boxing Day, when a majority of the post-festivity mess is getting cleaned up.

We need a nice, gentle, cooling rain in the very middle of summer. We need it like air. A nice, set-in rain would make this Christmas perfect.


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