Small progress is still progress

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do yesterday. I got my daily Instant up. Of course. I got my five hundred words in.

I got some more chicken and I got dinner on.

And I got the floor cleared of the mountain of debris that had built up through collective apathy.

Today... if I'm lucky, I shall clean up the spare room a tad, make it nice for incoming visitors, and attempt to keep the cat out of it. [To the friendo who is coming to visit - I apologise in advance for any cat hair you find. I did try my best, but my little darlings love my craft stuff and can't shut a door to save their souls] I may even do some laundry. I will be bullying my darlings into doing at least one dishwash.

BUT the floor is relatively clean! Yay! I'll need to mop it because beverage spills, but at least all the rubbish and random crap is no longer peppering every public surface. Huzzah.

Still pondering what nibblies we can has for the Christmas party. I'm going to be taking advantage of the EXTREME amount of dried cranberries I have to not only do mu sausage-cranberry stuffing, but also a cranberry and chicken salad.

Sizzler kind of inspired me to make improvements on their version. They had: iceberg lettuce, chicken bits, reconstituted cranberries, and what seemed to be slivered almonds, all jumbled together with a mayonnaise dressing. I'm obviously going to switch to some better lettuce, keep the chicken and cranberries, add red cabbage, chopped walnuts, and maybe switch out the dressing. I dunno. Maybe mayo could still work, there. I have lots of guests, so a healthy sized salad is definitely a thing to offer.

Good news: I found a place that sells party pies by the boxload (48 per box).

Bad news: I do not own a freezer with enough space for 48 party pies. I might have to shuffle my long-term supplies in order to fit them in. Mind you, I doubt that all of my guests and I can demolish 48 party pies. Mayhem and Chaos will deal with those leftovers.

Thank the Powers for the existence of Factory Outlet and bulk food shops. They are saving my soul. They are saving my sanity. They are saving my money for more important things like fun things to buy the kids for Christmas.

AND I'm still wondering what to do for sweets. I was thinking of getting a bunch of cheap, decorative plastic glasses or bowls and doing up individual servings [Of what, I can't guess either]. I was also thinking of trying my hand at some kind of Fruit Fool [I have access to bulk frozen fruits. Primarily raspberries and blueberries] or a trifle of some kind.

Hm... trifle parfait glasses... That sounds nice.

Of course, it will all depend on availability and spoons. My mileage versus my enthusiasm is always a constant battle.