So much to do, so few spoons

Once again, the family predilection for doing anything else but cleaning has reared its ugly head. I'm going to be off my feet, making sure things are (a) ready for Christmas, (b) ready for my visiting Friendo, (c) going to stay that firkin way at least until Boxing Day.

AND I have the usual run of daily Instant and daily word count [no fears, dear readers, about Christmas happening on a Friday. I will catch up with my word count on the following Saturday. And possibly put in a few paragraphs extra on the Thursday before]. Every day before the big day.

Thursay's going to be pretty busy, in and of itself. Writing as much as I can before the shops open, going out and securing lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, etc for the salad. Thawing the turkey, and the sausages for the stuffing, soaking the cranberries... Prepping everything and anything I can the evening before...

It's going to be a whirlwind.

At least I shall have Friendo to help me out and keep me going. Motivational Friendo is best Friendo for realsies.

I still don't know what I'm doing for sweets, but I suspect it's going to be instant frozen treats, care of Beloved's birthday gift of a frozen treat machine. For which I shall have to lay in as much fruit as I can get my hands on, and perhaps make some juice freezies for potential sorbet.

Lucky I know a place that does bulk juice for cheap.

I still have to bag up the cream I've frozen and set the next batch to freezing, then secure even more cream because people tend to like ice cream more than they like sorbets.

Payday. It's all happening on payday. And so is my Friendo's arrival.

Fun times ahead, dear readers. Fun, fun times.