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Challenge #02245-F055: Meeting Space

What if, to some aliens, the human race were their version of actual Orcs. As in; Mythical evil monsters that are virtually indestructible, can travel any terrain, near impossible to kill and, when in a large group, destroy/devour everything in their wake? -- Amberfox

[AN: I don't hold that any particular species is evil per se. They merely have oppositional goals to everyone else]

Humans are basically unkillable. They can withstand temperatures both hotter and colder than proper species. They can eat poison, and often do so for fun. They have consumed the bodies of their own dead. They have tests of strength on the anniversary of their births that involve saving their food from controlled fires. They play with fire! They laugh in the face of destruction, and even find it entertaining. Violence comes so naturally to them that it is even in their entertainments for their young.

The leading cause of death for Humans is other Humans. Therefore, if there are two within sight of each other, it was reasonable to use the distraction to escape. This was good reasoning and Thagaash endorsed it. However, there was only one route of escape and it was between the deadly hazardous Deathworlders. The next best course of action was to stay as sheltered as possible and hope that these two would kill each other. Or, at the very least, that one would kill the other and leave itself incapacitated enough to allow Thagaash to escape.

Thagaash tried not to think, They can follow you for lengthy periods, slowly catching up. They will follow any trace of a trail. They can follow animals to death... They could follow me to death. Instead, ze tried to think, I am not important. I'm just a piece of debris. Look, I'm not even moving. Could they see things that were very still? He knew he should never make direct eye contact or look directly at them.

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Reasons to be happy (and also scared)

Life gets me down, sometimes, so I try to make myself focus on the good things. Alas, sometimes that also causes an anxiety flare-up. But at least I'm not sad any more and Steam Powered Giraffe can help me conquer my Fraidy Cats.

Reasons I should be happy:

  • I'm going to start publishing that epic SPG lorefic romance TODAY (corollary, I'm not finished writing it, what if I run out of chapters before I run out of story to tell?)
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So much to do, so few spoons

Once again, the family predilection for doing anything else but cleaning has reared its ugly head. I'm going to be off my feet, making sure things are (a) ready for Christmas, (b) ready for my visiting Friendo, (c) going to stay that firkin way at least until Boxing Day.

AND I have the usual run of daily Instant and daily word count [no fears, dear readers, about Christmas happening on a Friday. I will catch up with my word count on the

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