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A breath of fresh... meat?

We got paid, we got paid! Kaloo kalay, O frabjous day!

I was not about to turn around and spend it all in one place, dear readers. I went to every last cheap zone I knew to get hold of some cheap noms. And some equally cheap plastic containers.

The golden circle factory outlet does some marvelous deals, and I took advantage of them. I now own a metric fuckton of rice, some juices for the kids, and more beetroot than I know what to do with. Also managed to seize some tomato sauce for Beloved [they keep buying the little squeezy bottles at Coles for roughly $4 a pop. That's not sane economic practice] and some bits and bobs for Mayhem.

Then I immediately popped across to Dickson's [THE cheap meat place] and snagged a small metric fuckton of dead animal parts. Yes, folks, I am a vegan's nightmare. Bulk sausages, bulk chicken [specifically, chicken breasts] and cow shoulder. I wanted to get some cow butt, but the price was a little steep.

$50+ for one chunk of cow butt. For us, that's about four meals, max. However, the cow shoulder bargain pack cost less than $40, had a roast and eight steaks in it, and means about five meals. More or less. I have my doubts about the really slender steaks.

In combination with the chook tits, and the sausages, I reckon we have more than enough to keep us going until next payday. With the occasional side-trip for more frozen veg. We might get firkin sick of chook tits and sausages, but we'll have an actual balanced diet.

It meant a lot of repackaging, because once you thaw a frozen megapack of meat, you pretty much have to use all of it at once. Not sane for a family of four.

All this, so I have a hope of not spending too much money in preparation for Christmas.

And I'm making most of the adults in my sphere of influence some artisinal rosemary products because our rosemary plant is trying to take over the world.

Today's adventure - finding some plant snippers I can use comfortably use, and some small bottles to store the results in. Gift baskets and gift "grass" optional[That can wait]. I have nine peeps to gift and a LOT of rosemary. I'm pretty sure I can do it.

Seriously. When I get done pruning, I will take a photo of the spoils. Possibly with either Mayhem or Chaos holding them, because you don't want to see my sad, flabby mug. I promise it will be smol child, tons of rosemary. I might even do some before and after shots of the garden.

And since the mint is also trying to conquer the wilds of Burpengary, I'll have a go at dehydrating that shiz as well. Wish me luck.