Sunday, Game Night and Budgets

I figured that if I set a limit to my present-buying shenanigans, then it won't break the bank.

Not publishing my limits because fam reads this. I don't want to shame them just because we like to have expensive shit.

I have a quarter of the next map drawn, and I'm focussing on making critter counters for the eventual game. Huzzah.

I might be able to finish the floor plan of the second map. Then I experiment with how to keep tokens on a map when I have more than one. And learn how to use the fog of war.


That's a process that could go on all of this week. Which means that the game won't be going ahead until next firkin year.

Ah well.

That also gives me time to work on things like getting the books ready for publishers, hooray.

But I expect the following days to be crowded because Crimbolio prep.

I'll get what I can done, and it all depends on having moolah.

Wednesday, we have that.