Challenge #03632-I344: You Think You're Smart

The prophecy, a young girl of humble means will rise up against tyranny. With no sword in hand, only the heart, the tyrant will end, balance restored, and peace once more to a war-torn land. -- Anon Guest

Tyrants generally mislike prophecies in which they get overthrown. It's a whole thing. One would think that, when faced with a prophecy about heroes with humble beginnings, a tyrant might actually eliminate any kind of humble setting by -say- affording their peasants some decent holdings and finances.

Tyrants never see it that way, alas.

Faced with a prophecy that a young girl will rise to defeat him, Malaevoa Pandemanis did the typical thing and imprisoned every girl child born until they were no longer girls. As an added "bonus", he also permitted his guards to make sure they weren't maidens or virgins when they were let out, either. This went about as well as one might expect.

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