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Challenge #04148-K130: One Link in the Chain...

A village lost to time, strange and beautiful to behold./ Only one to escape the place before the cataclysm did unfold./ Harmed by those claiming the light the child is forced, fearful, to roam./ The village, the cataclysm did not destroy, but obscured the young way's home./ Evil there to bar the way, fools the light to their crime.../ Until one not of darkness, not of light, guards safe the child./ And the evil pays the price, upon vengeance will the child dine. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Props to OP for the poetry. Sorry I had to wreck the formatting for space reasons. It will be restored in the final archives]

In the beginning, so the stories say, there were only Dragons. The two that made Alfarell plucked stars out of another reality and some fell to become Elves. The D'varuv tunneled their way into sunlight shortly after that. As soon as one species met another, they started flinging magic at each other as well as various other weapons.

That was just the start of the Xenophobia Wars.

In all that mess, there were inevitably portions of the world that bore the scars of past conflicts. Wildlands. Floating firmament. Portals into other planes... and portions of the world that could only be found under specific circumstances. The Elvish word for such has passed to common parlance - bryg'haduun.

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Challenge #03845-J193: Turn of Fate

They put a knockout in the tea they served to everyone, and left a note of apology by the sleeping forms. A tear slid down a tired face, weapons strapped on, this would be the last battle. Live or die, the danger would finally be over. But this time, their friends would be spared, they would face it alone. -- Anon Guest

Promise Hardbattle had made the tea ceremony a ritual before facing any enemy. He and his friends sharing one last

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Challenge #03744-J091: Fate Like a Dagger

I know my close friend is fated to die a terrible death. Yet, if I change this fate, I will cause much more destruction on everyone around us. My friend knows this, accepts it with a smile, and yet.... everything inside of me screams to change the world to save them. -- Anon Guest

My lord Neptolomos Jannaeus, inheritor of the Fiscal Empire of Olikent, is doomed. I've known he was doomed since we were ten. As for me? I am -was-

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Challenge #03731-J078: Cracked Logic

" did you... defeat me? I was so powerful!"

"But you acted without knowledge or thought."

"I don't get it!"

"Alright, before you go to prison, a brief lesson. Remember this. Power without knowledge is useless, it's like having a huge, beautiful, cart, and no animal to pull it. And knowledge, even the smallest amounts, is a power all on it's own." -- Lessons

Exploding magical devices only did so much good for his final attack on his old master. The

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Challenge #03632-I344: You Think You're Smart

The prophecy, a young girl of humble means will rise up against tyranny. With no sword in hand, only the heart, the tyrant will end, balance restored, and peace once more to a war-torn land. -- Anon Guest

Tyrants generally mislike prophecies in which they get overthrown. It's a whole thing. One would think that, when faced with a prophecy about heroes with humble beginnings, a tyrant might actually eliminate any kind of humble setting by -say- affording their peasants some decent

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Challenge #03596-I307: The Doom of the Thrice-sworn King

He hasn’t done any thing wrong. If anything, I’m the hopeless one here, of course instilling fear and murdering humans is not right. Plus, waging a full-scale war against them is an unforgiving act. Even so, there’s something I want to change, even if it's built on rocky foundations. I want humans to unite. Even if it's using the coming the next demon lord as a pretext.

Peace cannot be realized on ideals alone.

He's got some real power.

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Challenge #03504-I216: The Right Teacher

A young wizard politely asks Wraithvine to teach them how to duel for self defense. -- Fighting Fit

The problem with immortals is that they get a reputation. Strodius had been through five mummers so far who claimed to be the immortal Elf of lore and legend. They would hear him out, listen to his cause, and then attempt to charge gold for their services.

The real Wraithvine would do no such thing. Gold did not enter into an equation where the

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Challenge #03410-I122: From the Mouths of Babes

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the air is much warmer now. So... WHY does our village run the ice festival NOW instead of in the coldest part of winter where everything would've remained more solid? -- Anon Guest

"But this is the middle of winter," insisted the grownup. "It says so on the calendar."

"We're tobogganing down mud," insisted Galiena. "The crocuses are out. Birds are returning from the south. It's not winter."

The officious officer Thoralf Rutsk

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Challenge #03379-I091: Eternal Regrets

Half Angel / Half Demon, All Hero. Amatu tries to find a way to cure Malforence of their curse and bring them back into the light. -- FightingFit

The simplest of questions lead to the longest of stories. In this case, a simple, "What happened to them?" lead to the kind of story that could take days to tell. Wraithvine knew their time was limited and tried to keep it to the barest of bones.

The best

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Challenge #03067-H144: Conditional Invulnerability

I’ll defeat you with the power of friendships

And this gun I found -- Anon Guest

"Look at you," crowed the big bad. Sure of their win. Floating on the rising waves of their own ego. "Another puny mortal trying to best me. Do you not know I cannot be defeated by any weapon made by the hands of flesh?"

"Yeah, I knew," said the hero. "I also knew that necromancy and skeletons doing the work. Bones are still flesh."


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Challenge #03065-H142: According to What Plan?

A young man, still a boy really, is Called To Adventure. His mother, well aware of the mortality rate of heroes, leaves the rest of her children with her unmarried sister and sets out on her OWN journey, to make sure that her eldest survives HIS journey. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows the story. A great and ancient wizard finds the hero foretold, who then goes across the country to fulfill a series of prophecies and finally defeat the ultimate evil, making

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Challenge #02826-G269: Foretold You So

Do you remember the story of how the lord obtained the nickname Bargore the Beloved? -- Anon Guest

[AN: One paranoid search of my entire archive later, I can say that I have to now invent Bargore :D My thanks to a Tumblr post I cannot immediately unearth for the plotline of today's tale]

Some people were never destined to be evil. No matter how many forces turn them that way, no matter the determination of the individual, Fate has other plans.

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Challenge #02545-F355: Up to Interpretation

"A blade forged of the blood of my prey" does not necessarily mean humans!

the Chosen One runs off to a become a butcher while the apparition sputters angrily -- Gallifreya

Prophecies are funny things. When a child is born, they are lucky to get a prophecy that seems straightforward enough, until the inevitable twist at the end. A son prophesied to see the end of his father may only be there to witness those final moments, but if the father attempts

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Challenge #02448-F258: Butsuri Mage

There is a famous or infamous trends that been happening in the anime community of people going to other worlds and become the most broken character in the series, called the isekai genre. So let set this up. You've been transported to another world. You had been studying some post grad physics and know a thing or two about the world. But in this world, there's magic and it is heavily influenced by how the world works in yours. Soon enough you

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Challenge #02439-F249: All Perfectly Reasonable

Just because I have demonic powers doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy, and I have valid reason murdering 36 people. -- Anon Guest

"Was it the voices?" said Lady Anthe.

The Warlock smiled. "You mock me, but you can't understand. Ardnassac can remember the future, so he bids me to alter it for a better world. There's so much disaster that each and every one of those people could have caused. Averted now." A smile that was so deep

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