Challenge #03504-I216: The Right Teacher

A young wizard politely asks Wraithvine to teach them how to duel for self defense. -- Fighting Fit

The problem with immortals is that they get a reputation. Strodius had been through five mummers so far who claimed to be the immortal Elf of lore and legend. They would hear him out, listen to his cause, and then attempt to charge gold for their services.

The real Wraithvine would do no such thing. Gold did not enter into an equation where the first factor was two kind hands.

Strodius tracked down another Elf in another Inn. Dappled hide, true Elf, though the hair was a different hue to what Strodius expected. The Elf was sharing tea with a Kobold - nice touch - and what he first thought was a fur stole... stretched. It clambered off of the Elf's shoulders and helped itself to a diplomatic portion set aside from the Elf's own plate.

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