Challenge #02439-F249: All Perfectly Reasonable

Just because I have demonic powers doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy, and I have valid reason murdering 36 people. -- Anon Guest

"Was it the voices?" said Lady Anthe.

The Warlock smiled. "You mock me, but you can't understand. Ardnassac can remember the future, so he bids me to alter it for a better world. There's so much disaster that each and every one of those people could have caused. Averted now." A smile that was so deep in the uncanny valley that it needed its own illumination to get around. "That one... will raise an army to defeat Ardnassac and must be terminated."

Marvin got between the Warlock and the small child they'd just rescued. "Considering that you essentially murdered their entire home hamlet... I'd say they're vindicated for wanting to do that."

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