Machinations in the Works...

My "band" Ellipsis Addiction has an album launch happening thanks to CD Baby. It's costing me $50 (almost) to put it out there so if five people actually buy it [album price $10] then I can recoup my losses.

And yes, there is no such thing as a free music distribution platform. Sure, you can post it on Soundcloud, but... Soundcloud will only do so much for free. Boo.

So yeah. This is me, going through more official channels. Well. Official for the Internets.

This is hereby open permission FROM THE ARTIST to use the music for whatever you like. For free. Without any hassle. I will help you fight any auto-flagging horseshit.

I've uploaded the album, This is Awkward to CD Baby and paid the fees [$25 for the promotional BS and a further $20 for a freaking BAR CODE] and it will be fully available once their own inspection makes it through to the end.

Meanwhile, I'm 3/4 through editing all the stories for Episode 13 of Inter-Mission. I'm hoping this won't be like chapter 13 of my assorted fictions, wherein something goes pants and my ability to internet goes out the window for unspecified lengths of time... or my entire computer blows up.

Joke's on you, fate and fortune - I have SPARES.


Cue the state-wide blackout in 5... 4...