Challenge #02440-F250: Special Case

A: ok, bending spacetime to your will is very dangerous and it can kill you

B: you do it all the time and you just did it right now to grab your coffee mug

A:......... I’m a special case -- Anon Guest

"What exactly makes you so darn special, then?" Arloest demanded.

"Well, for starters, I've been working on this for seven hundred years," said Thalemoor. "Second, I'm actually a Silver Dragon. I'm basically a cousin to one of the oldest gods. You can more or less assume that my kind and I are used to these levels of nonsense."

"Nonsense? Nonsense?" Arloest raved. "These are cosmic secrets of ultimate magic! I need this stuff to defeat the Malevolence of T'kraal." In fact, explaining the entire chain of aggravation that lead to the Malevolence of T'kraal and the rise of truly demonic levels of evil would likely take a day that Arloest didn't have.

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