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Challenge #03835-J183: Through Dangers Untold...

Thirty floors, tons of traps and treasures, good thing this place is good for training beginners though. -- Anon Guest

Some have called it the worst dungeon in Alfarell. There's thousands of ways to get in. There's even more ways to get out, especially if you're not fussy about how clean you are when you reach the sunlight. Some say the labyrinths of Skymire's fallen city were never meant to be a dungeon. Some say that adventuring down there is a scam. Some say that there's a truly worthy treasure waiting for whomsoever can find its secret depository. Some say there's a cursed princess, trapped god, or supernatural entity that will grant one life-changing boon to the one who extracts them.

Some people will say anything.

Most junior adventuring parties begin there, they're hired to retrieve a MacGuffin from the labyrinth, and write off further adventures in the ancient ruins as not worth their bother. Some argue - unsuccessfully - that all those traps, puzzles, and confounding passageways have to be guarding something valuable.

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Challenge #02440-F250: Special Case

A: ok, bending spacetime to your will is very dangerous and it can kill you

B: you do it all the time and you just did it right now to grab your coffee mug

A:......... I’m a special case -- Anon Guest

"What exactly makes you so darn special, then?" Arloest demanded.

"Well, for starters, I've been working on this for seven hundred years," said Thalemoor. "Second, I'm actually a Silver Dragon. I'm basically a cousin to one of the oldest

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Challenge #02265-F075: Realised Set-up

A character rips up some paper -- writingprompts365

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In retrospect, maybe they shouldn't have taken the job from Lee R. "Slick" DeSchonko. In retrospect, letting Marvin do the negotiations was a bad idea. The Human fighter and trainee wizard was the most open and trusting

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Challenge #01721-D260: Been Bingeing Adventure Zone

[When someone is being encouraged to compromise their morals]

They've already put a lot of effort into the "not killing people" plan, they'd like to see it through to the end. -- RecklessPrudence

It certainly looked like the end for our heroes. Surrounded on every side by hostile forces. Outmanned. Outnumbered. If there were guns, they'd have been outgunned. But in this case, they were all out of spell slots and clever tricks. All they had left was their weapons and their

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Challenge #01536-D075: Dire Times at the Dog and Duck

It was one of those places that people went to, to drink as much as possible in the shortest time. There were tiles well above head height, the floor was tiled and covered in sawdust, at shift change staff hosed it out and put down fresh sawdust. -- Anon Guest

There wasn't a menu. There weren't interesting bottles on the back shelf. There was barely a back shelf, which held a bottle of suspicious pickled eggs, which also held a pickled vermin

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