Challenge #02265-F075: Realised Set-up

A character rips up some paper -- writingprompts365

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In retrospect, maybe they shouldn't have taken the job from Lee R. "Slick" DeSchonko. In retrospect, letting Marvin do the negotiations was a bad idea. The Human fighter and trainee wizard was the most open and trusting of the group. In retrospect, more than merely some of their instructions were highly suspect.

"He said this was a map," said Lady Anthe, brandishing the offending paper. "It is a placemat for a gulp-'n'-blow type food emporium chain called Hork-it-down Harga's. It shows every location of every Harga's in the realm... and it's five years out of date..."

Marvin looked suitably chastised. He looked worse than chastised. He looked downtrodden and ashamed and... one good cry away from the state he was in when they ungently removed him from that vagabond gang he'd fallen in with. "...'m sorry I was dumb an' didn't get it right," he mumbled. Then he cringed in anticipation of a blow to the head.

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