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Challenge #01721-D260: Been Bingeing Adventure Zone

[When someone is being encouraged to compromise their morals]

They've already put a lot of effort into the "not killing people" plan, they'd like to see it through to the end. -- RecklessPrudence

It certainly looked like the end for our heroes. Surrounded on every side by hostile forces. Outmanned. Outnumbered. If there were guns, they'd have been outgunned. But in this case, they were all out of spell slots and clever tricks. All they had left was their weapons and their wits, and they were running out of hit points.

The Artifact, Artie for short, was their only ace in the hole. He was the equivalent of a golem run by an infinity stone, and it had been the heroes job to find, obtain, and bring him back to the authorities that contained these things. Alas, he was also cogniscent, and made a lot of decisions that only made sense to him.

"Artie," said the Cleric. "Can you do something to these guys? Make 'em... go away?"

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