It's live!

Ellipsis Addiction is now a thing! And so is the first album called This is Awkward.

If just five people buy this thing, I can get my money back. Yay.

Currently in the process of telling the world.

It's Monday, so the continuing nonsense includes house unfuckening, the daily Instant, and the usual allotment of words in KOSBOB. A process made slightly more difficult by the fact that the Special Key on my keyboard seems to have gone bung.

I use that for copy/pastes so the workaround promises to be a continuing pain in the butt. I'm not going to spring for a new keyboard [$200!] just because one key has gone agley. Gonna need a lot more keys to go south before I start looking for the replacement.

OTOH, this one keyboard has lasted a while before some -ha- key functionality went south.

But still...

I remember when you could get decent keyboards for real cheap, so $200 for anything decent kind'a chafes my niblets more than a little. I remember when you could get that noise for less than a tenth of that price. I mean... at this point, I... don't really care if it lights up real cool? I'd prefer functionality that lasts five-ever.

Grumble grumble, prices these days, grackle cranky grackle.

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense!