Challenge #03731-J078: Cracked Logic

" did you... defeat me? I was so powerful!"

"But you acted without knowledge or thought."

"I don't get it!"

"Alright, before you go to prison, a brief lesson. Remember this. Power without knowledge is useless, it's like having a huge, beautiful, cart, and no animal to pull it. And knowledge, even the smallest amounts, is a power all on it's own." -- Lessons

Exploding magical devices only did so much good for his final attack on his old master. The malevolent mage, Bludwan Crane already knew that trick and prepared by not needing magical devices.

Of course he did.

Then again, neither did Strodius. Wraithvine had not taught in the same way Crane did. Wraithvine taught hir students adaptability in the field of combat. How to use anything in the area as a weapon. How to utilise low-powered magic against the higher, more powerful sort that often needed concentration to work.

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