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Challenge #03651-I363: Holding it In

I cannot find the story anymore, it is too far down. However, you had a story of where it was found, to protect Wraithvine from the bell, or from other such objects, was for hir to not use magic when confronted with them. So could we have a story of Wraithvine training hirself to do such things, by sometimes going as much as two days in a row without using magic? After all, it looks like ze's kinda... addicted to using magic all the time, so sometimes maybe hir learning to not use magic all the time? Like for lighting a pipe, tying hir shoes, those kinds of things? Just a thought? -- Anon Guest

[AN: That would be The Escape Clause over here: ]

Carry a match, the spectre said. Go without magic for a whole day.

It had been EONS since ze had gone without magic. Worse and worse, Elves were inherently magical. Under strong emotional stresses, it could leak from their very pores and cause... issues.

Baby Elves suffered from hysteria ghiblis[1] and manifested fat, blobby tears when upset. They sparkled when they were happy. And some young fools in the throes of first love were known to manifest flower petals.

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Challenge #03644-I356: Welcome, Again, to the World

Could we see how the new child is raised? Does Wraithvine take them in, or does Amatu? I'm curious. -- The New Guy

The jar was heavy, and it seemed to help to have someone either nearby or carrying it. Pondermore took some of the burden while traveling back to see Amatu's girl. Amatu carried it sometimes, or curled around it during their resting hours. Stravras the Really Dark Grey had given them a little device

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Challenge #03577-I288: A Second Chance

Amatu, Wraithvine, and their friends now develop a plan to save Wraithvine's litch friend, frienemy? It may not work, but it's a solid plan. Between finding a willing necromancer, and Amatu's immense gifts, they may be able to save the dark one. But is Amatu willing to lose their mortality in the process? Will Wraithvine accept him as an immortal brother? -- Fighting Fit

Necromancy seems made to be automatically gross. It takes the things repulsive

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Challenge #03566-I277: Overlooked, Underestimated, Deadly

It was rare someone ever did, but these individuals got the drop on Amatu, Wraithvine, and friends. They bound the hands, they bound the feet, they bound the WINGS! But why - oh - why... does everyone forget about the prehensile tails?? Oh well, Amatu's tail, a knife, and some people learning the hard way, you DON'T mess with a person's family! -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a mandatory turn of events. Just when they had a plan, just when it

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Challenge #03554-I265: Battling Ignorance

On a twist of fate, Amatu has to defend Wraithvine from racist jerks who hate Elves. Calls Wraithvine his sibling, and ends up in a fistfight, why waste magic on nonmagical bullies? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Check the tag "amatus-adventure" for further shenanigans]

There was a very crude sign outside of the village. It said, NOW NYFEERS. There was a semi-helpful frowny face with pointed ears on the placard, with a red X painted over it.

"If we go through quickly?" suggested

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Challenge #03535-I247: Peace of the Crag

An individual meets Wraithvine, Amatu, and the others and invites them to tea. Why? Just to make friends. -- Anon Guest

Kilby Kraghold found the strangers in his wolf pit. One of them looked like he could just fly out and another was big enough to be the ladder for the rest.

"Ho there," he said. "What are you lot doing in my wolf pit?"

"Following the plotted line of a very obtuse prophecy," said the Elf. "Hello. We're very obviously lost.

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Challenge #03530-I242: Not a Happy Ending

Kevin, Ma, Venin, Abundance, the newly adopted child that used to be the lich king, and the former rogue serpent that tried to kidnap Kevin, and was now a part of the odd little family, all had a long talk, and decided to take over this little kingdom that once was the lich king's, and have a new, permanent home, their family from back on the old farm could come to them, right? Would Wraithvine and Pondermore stay and join them? Or

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Challenge #03526-I238: Unexpected Smooch Error

Their family had been saved by Amatu, Wraithvine, Vee, Pondermore, and the rest of their group, after the group having helped quickly use their magics and sheer strength to stop rising flood waters swamping the farm. The daughter of the family, age 18, kissed Amatu's cheek in both affection and thanks. -- Anon Guest

Amatu had faced a lot of reactions to his appearance and nature during his adventures. He had almost been run out of towns more than once. People tended

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Challenge #03479-I191: Ring the End of Melancholy

See the comments on this link for the prompt? Long story short, he's been sent by the gods into the elf's life because Wraithvine NEEDS him. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: The comment in question is, "The more I read of Amatu the more I really think his quest is to help WRAITHVINE bring the light back into hir life. I'm starting to think the poor immortal elf has endured so much pain hir heart is starting to

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Challenge #03478-I190: Staying Up For Storytime

It's late at the Inn, but Vee can't sleep so sneaks out of the room to go down to sit by the fireplace and get some tea. The child of a family that's also visiting sits near Vee and asks her to tell a story about her adventures. -- Anon Guest

"You do understand that I'm twelve," said Vee. "Twelve-year-olds aren't expected to be Adventuring very much."

The kid, half Vee's age and full of fanciful thoughts, scowled at this. "But you're

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Challenge #03477-I189: You're Adopted Again

It is my honest opinion, reading your stories, that Amatu and Wraithvine are becoming as close as brothers. Even if they are not by blood, the bond is obviously forming. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Amatu and Wraithvine are vastly different in ages.]

Sometimes realisation creeps up on a mind like a nervous houseguest at a party where they only know a couple of people. Though in this case it isn't awkwardly asking where the bathroom is. In other times, just like now,

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Challenge #03414-I126: The Escape Clause

An old spirit, hearing the two conversing, steps forward to give a hint of the bell. What was the hint? "They who become too tied to their power, become tied by the power. They who learn to work with hands, not magic, soon learn they hear no bells." -- Anon Guest

"Have we met?" said Wraithvine. "Normally the spirits who seem to lend instructions are trying to redeem themselves for something they did. Usually to me.

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Challenge #03385-I097: A Momentous Occasion

The weather is cold, freezing rain creates ice as it falls, an aged scholar and their young apprentice invite in the traveling Wraithvine, Amatu, Vee, Pondermoore and Rawr to come into their abode for the night. They offer hospitality, warm beds, food, and the scholar's large library to read through while waiting out the ice storm. -- Anon Guest

The library of Vaseen had seen better days. Wraithvine remembered it as an immense fortress of knowledge, the larger part of it was

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Challenge #03379-I091: Eternal Regrets

Half Angel / Half Demon, All Hero. Amatu tries to find a way to cure Malforence of their curse and bring them back into the light. -- FightingFit

The simplest of questions lead to the longest of stories. In this case, a simple, "What happened to them?" lead to the kind of story that could take days to tell. Wraithvine knew their time was limited and tried to keep it to the barest of bones.

The best

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Challenge #03375-I087: Elevation Trepidation

They begin a determined quest to find a way to protect wraithvine and other GOOD magic users from the devastating effects of that powerful spell. And, begin to test Amatu to see just how powerful his abilities truly are, including to see if those wings really will help him fly. -- DaniAndShali

The water looked even further down from the top of the overhang. "I'm not sure about this," said Amatu. "I've only ever glided before.

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