Honest Mistake

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Challenge #03596-I307: The Doom of the Thrice-sworn King

He hasn’t done any thing wrong. If anything, I’m the hopeless one here, of course instilling fear and murdering humans is not right. Plus, waging a full-scale war against them is an unforgiving act. Even so, there’s something I want to change, even if it's built on rocky foundations. I want humans to unite. Even if it's using the coming the next demon lord as a pretext.

Peace cannot be realized on ideals alone.

He's got some real power. If I were to leave things be, this holy sword will vanquish the demon lord of this era. And history will repeat itself. In a world without a demon lord the hero will be considered a threat, his fate will end with him being disposed of or turn into a weapon. Regardless, a lot of blood will spilled.

By the hands of another human being. -- Anon Guest

Prophecy is one hell of a thing. Sometimes literally. Ever since twelve near-illiterate men in chains fled up a frozen mountain. Ever since one of those made a literal deal with a devil, seers and soothsayers have been foretelling the rise of the Thrice-Sworn King, the Demon Lord of the mountaintop. Bound and destined to conquer half a continent.

Prophecies have a way of coming true no matter what. Nevertheless, there are those who struggle against them. Nobody faced with a prophecy like the Demon Lord, conqueror of all, could think that it was a good thing for him to finally turn up.

Safeguards and measures to stop him have been long waiting the heralds of his dread appearance. Including the family sword. It's been imbued with numerous charms to protect the innocent, to never harm the righteous, and to strike at the heart of evil. It is, it must be noted, more than a little bit chatty. Especially lately.

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