Challenge #04003-J351: Many Moving Parts

They were an elf, over 500 human years of age, yet their hair was cropped quite short, always. When asked why, they merely smiled and twitched the edge of their rather practical clothing and stated calmly "It's easier to take care of this way, and a lot cooler in the warmer months, too." -- Anon Guest

Hair has always been a mark of status amongst Elvenkind. They have measured their experience and perfections by how long they wore their hair. They judged each other by feet and inches, by the complexity and messages woven into their braids. They have done such since the dawn of history.

Even in the Age of Humans, and the dawn of the Age of Understanding, it was more than a shock to see an Elf with short hair.

Therefore, Ylthebb received a great many double takes as she went about her business in Aldelyn. Then again, most people bustling about Aldelyn didn't see her in what she would call her "natural environment".

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