Challenge #04004-J352: Monster Spotting

Several bodies lay before them, a blade in their hand. The red marks that had once been chains around their bodies a deep red. They looked worried as they turned to the man in the red and yellow garments standing in the chamber with them. "I killed these people that tormented me for so long... why do I feel absolutely nothing about shedding their blood?" -- Anon Guest

[AN: The members of Pax Humanis wear yellow, red, and black. Much like a coral snake, it's a warning.]

There are different kinds of monsters. There are those who look monstrous, but are not. There are those who don't look monstrous at all, but choose evil every time they wake up. There are also those who make monsters, and those who kill them.

If you're good, you can actually tell the last two apart.

Mr Sunshine found her after she was quite done lifting up the objet d'art and smashing it into the remains. The remains, he had to note, of his target.

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