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Challenge #03187-H278: The Real Monsters

They looked like monsters, but when children, any children, were being mistreated? The ones that mistreated the children learned what real monsters really looked like. -- Anon Guest

The wrought-iron gate declared it to be the Everkind Sanctuary for Unwanted Children, and one running waif had incidentally sent Wraithvine their way. The child that the Elven Wizard had found went away with basic survival tools and a pouch full of New Start Money[1]. Now the alleged sanctuary was going to get what it deserved.

It's amazing what can be uncovered with a Disguise spell and a voice of authority. In this case: abundant peculation, extreme neglect, malnutrition and a lot of non-human intelligent creatures languishing in their own filth.

Bugbears and Kobolds and Gnolls, oh my. Little baby Under-Elves traversing the bald playground with rags over their sensitive eyes. Little Tieflings with only mud and stains in lieu of clothing. Bugbears sharing their raw catches with any other creature who could eat it... and those catches were the large insects and vermin that abounded in the food stores.

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Challenge #01461-C366: Abominations Are Relative

[Conversation Participant #1]: [Name mankind was not meant to know]! Where did you come from!? [Conversation Participant #2]: From the blighted womb of your worst nightmare, quivering on legs innumerable, soaked in the black ooze of your greatest fears. I rear back my heavy head, and howl: DETEEENTION ...for AAAALLL three of you! I swear, I'm the only one around here that doesn't find threats and violence to be charming. -- RecklessPrudence

"Aw come on Mx Elth... this is the AV club,

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