Wednesday, Wordpress and Perishables

I'm getting the perishable stuff, cooking, and wrapping today. All for Crimbo Prep so I can get stuff out of the way. Nice and organised.

That's the PLN.

Mayhem's decided to buy some Crimbo treats instead of making a second pie. Handmade is labor-intensive, after all. It took him three days to do the first pie. Dude made the pastry and everything.

Other PLNs include writing another twofer, the meme, and maybe even recording some chapters for Adorable IF I have the time.

Probably won't.

The ham also comes out of the freezer today. I'm going to really research how best to cook that thing. Pineapple slices may be involved, IDK.

Also, in theory, I shall be working on tidying up the house. In theory. I hate tidying.

Onwards ever onwards.