Tuesday, Back Online!

After eliminating all possible problems at home, we turned to the ISP. Who admitted that there's been an outage in the whole area.

As a side note, I joked that we'd get internet access back on the day when I'm due for intensive running around and... yeah. The dodge ball of Apollo smacked me good.

I shall be taking off in a few short hours to take Mayhem to APM. Which means that my offerings will be scattered.

Nevertheless, I shall be making the effort to get them out. Including a twofer today in an attempt to catch up with the calendar.

I won't have time to mess around in Stencyl, and haven't had the fortitude to do it during the comms failure.

What kind of disappoints me is that nobody missed my daily tales while they were gone. Maybe I'll get a warm welcome when I return. I can hope. I'm allowed to hope.

Anyway. I think I have a reasonable excuse for what's coming out today.

Let's get on with that.