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Challenge #04141-K123: Visiting Old Friends

Wraithvine visits hir friend, the young king, to see how things are doing, to introduce hir traveling companions, including the very nervous immortal healer dragon, guised as a gnome, and to relax since the winter months were lousy for travel. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Bibrid last appeared in An Unusual Affliction ]

His friends and family called him Dex. The rest of the world knew him as King Kormwind Arachis Felbourne Whitekeep, tenth of the name. As a young Hellkin, new to the crown[1], he had begged Wraithvine for good advice. Now a decade or two had passed, it was time to check on progress.

What the crowns of the area referred to as The Infernal Empire was neither. There was no emperor, merely a council of crowns working under Pax Infernus. A peace forged between nations by the Thrice-Sworn King, Kormwind IX. A peace maintained by the knowledge of how much worse it would be for all of them without it.

The old walls of Whitekeep were maintained out of historical pride more than any need. They were not the gleaming alabaster of poetry, but a dirty greyish-white, since they were quarried from the stone that Whitekeep couldn't export. Dingy diorite and adulterated quartz. Staffed with guards whose duty it was to prevent crime rather than punish it.

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Challenge #04103-K085: Returning to Kindness

A family whose parentals were once foster children of Fosterhaus visit to offer their assistance. They get to introduce their own children to Wraithvine and hir friends as well, who was there helping with some repairs after a storm had rolled through. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possible reference to ]

Isolated villages in the middle of nowhere are places to come from. Adventurers come from tiny flyspecks on the map with names like Bendihollow, North Haverbrook, and,

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Tuesday, Back Online!

After eliminating all possible problems at home, we turned to the ISP. Who admitted that there's been an outage in the whole area.

As a side note, I joked that we'd get internet access back on the day when I'm due for intensive running around and... yeah. The dodge ball of Apollo smacked me good.

I shall be taking off in a few short hours to take Mayhem to APM. Which means that my offerings will be scattered.

Nevertheless, I shall be

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Saturday, Parkrun and Security Blanket


Beloved and I had a discussion earlier in the week about how long it was taking for the repairs to go ahead. So we agreed to go seeking info today after the parkrun shenanigans. I even asked her to hold my liddle hand while I did all of that.

Fast forward to Friday. My love spends so long with Friendo Awesome and the Rainbow Chatters that she's too tired to drive home.

Leaving me to drive

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We're ba-ack!

Yes, my dear darling readers, this site is back up and running.

And, until I can catch up on the gap, I plan to be posting two links to stories you may have missed if this was your only window to my activities on the interwebs.

Hint for the future: Pull down the menu over there on the top right, and go bookmark each and every one of those links except the Iris&Peter one. That's staying on this site. If

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