Saturday, Parkrun and Security Blanket


Beloved and I had a discussion earlier in the week about how long it was taking for the repairs to go ahead. So we agreed to go seeking info today after the parkrun shenanigans. I even asked her to hold my liddle hand while I did all of that.

Fast forward to Friday. My love spends so long with Friendo Awesome and the Rainbow Chatters that she's too tired to drive home.

Leaving me to drive to parkrun and pick up KIABIL on my own.

I can do that.

Morning of, try to ring KIABIL and his firkin phone dies.

Also my Bluetooth connection to the firkin CAR dies for no good reason. Arrive at KIABIL's and slowly realise that he's sleeping through my every effort to notify me that I'm here.


I take off to the parkrun, and when I'm nearly there... my phone starts ringing. I can pick up at a stoplight BUT... because of the bluetooth bullshit, I couldn't hear fuck all. Though my car thought my phone was disconnected, my phone thought it was connected, and thusly no sound got through. Either way.

I get there, turns out my love was trying to ask if I wanted a coffee.


Parkrun done, I learned there's another trans lady on the tracks, new to transitioning, she's seeking out Her People(tm). So we walk to a distant cafe for munchables and have a chat about the process both ways.

I have not mentioned at all that my bone spurs have been acting up of late, so I was forced to wear my special shoes for the event. The ones I affectionately call the "torture shoes".

They work to ameliorate the bone spur bullshit, for certain. On the other hand, they also hurt the hell out of my feet if I walk too far or stand for too long.

So I was not happy about that.

I tried to fix the bluetooth bullshit by unpairing and re-pairing my devices to no avail. Drove back home.

Beloved has yet to return home, by the way.

I took a nap, and woke to discover I was still alone. Some texting went back and forth and it became evident that I'd have to do everything on my lonesome.

Call the place, just asking. Turns out the thing had just arrived. YAY. They said $420 for the release of my lappy.

It was $425 when I got there to get it.


BUT I have my lappy back and I am a happy bean for the meanwhile. I am not allowing any other technology anywhere near the thing. Apparently, my lappy has the structural integrity of a wet sao. Lovely.


Chapter Count: Wrote and finished chapter 275 and aiming to at least do a little on chapter 276. Literary zoomies may be a thing.

Let's get on with the offerings for the day.