Challenge #03793-J140: Power Versus Freedom

"The gods gave you the power to be able to topple whole empires and this is what you do with it??"

"Yes, I told you before. I just wanted a quiet life on the farm. I'm finally free, and, at last, I am happy." -- Anon Guest

Mythologising people is always a mistake. People keep finding proof of the reality. It's even worse when that mythologised person was still alive.

The Thrice-Sworn King had stopped short of becoming an emperor. He had never wanted power but, once he had it, he used it to the benefit of his people. Up to and including the point of bullying the Olikent into keeping themselves to standards of behaviour.

According to whispers, he could command shadows to do his bidding. Those same shadows showed him visions of the future. He could read minds, and smell evil on anyone's soul. He halted the prejudice against the Unwelcome Peoples, and made significant steps to eliminate slavery all over the world. And, amazingly, when the Blood Throne showed his power was at its wane, he stepped aside in favour of the best to rule. Lealia Lorebinder wanted to find out why.

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