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Challenge #03365-I077: It's Cold Outside

Life on this world really should be impossible. The sun is so far away you can barely see it. It's so cold on the surface of this planet that my spacesuit needs a small furnace to keep me moving. And yet, here you are, alive, in spite of all the odds against you. -- A Potato

Rocky worlds, generally speaking, get life. There are outliers, of course. Rocky worlds that are too far from their sun. Ones that are too close. Ones that orbit gas giants and get extended time in their parental planet's shadow, though those can get life if the conditions are just right.

All that said, very little stops a tardigrade. Or bacteria. They're stubborn like that.

This world is what Earth could have been if it got stuck in the ice age. Almost. It is, as the Humans might like to say, an almost Earth. It's pretty frosty. Too far away from its sun, it should be a permanent frozen zone, and yet... life is there.

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geekhyena: internutter: geekhyena: internutter replied to your post:crankywhitemage replied to your... Bogan is Aussie for Redneck Oh....




Bogan is Aussie for Redneck

Oh. Oh dear. How worried should I be then?

Depends how far into Bogan territory you go.

By and large, most bogans are harmless. They’re either too drunk, too lazy, or both to do much in the way of harm.

Your common urban bogan is also known as the Dole Bludger. The only time they show activity is when they’re collecting their dole

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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

[Thus go the way of all things, for those who know less Latin than I]

My lunchbox Mac Mini up and died an entire year before its expected expiry date, and now all my fictions are locked up safely in a portable drive until such time as it can be connected to a computer that can handle it.

I’m starting to get really, really pissed off at Apple. $2K minimum for a computer that works fabulously… but when it

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