No More Ficcage

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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

[Thus go the way of all things, for those who know less Latin than I]

My lunchbox Mac Mini up and died an entire year before its expected expiry date, and now all my fictions are locked up safely in a portable drive until such time as it can be connected to a computer that can handle it.

I’m starting to get really, really pissed off at Apple. $2K minimum for a computer that works fabulously… but when it dies it DIES, and lasts like a meringue umbrella 9_9

Do the Monitor-Macs last longer than the lunchboxes? Am I in a cardboard boots situation by repeatedly getting something that’s destined to fail and [IMHO] overpriced at that life expectancy?

Or can I just blame Captain Useless for repeatedly turning off the AC and allowing my poor, dead, machine to perish from overheating?

Or am I just an old fart who remembers when computers were a lot less frail?

Anyway, since my main computer is down, the fic you saw yesterday is the last fic I’m going to post for a while. Sorry about that. The best laid plans of mice, men and InterNutters gang aft agley.

What you can do about it is share my works with your friends, find peeps willing to pay for their own copies of same, and otherwise generate income so I can buttonhole a Macspert about value and longevity vis a vis their product and then purchase something with a lifespan not measured in months, minutes or microseconds.

What I’m doing about it is working harder on my trilogy in the hopes that this actually generates a real income and I won’t have to bitch about disposable computers ever again.

Not that I’m planning on buying any more of those suckers.

And I will still be doing instants until something stops me. One a day.

Plus, if anyone wants to work with me on Misfits, Flotsam or X-Wars, I will give you the link the instant I figure out how to get Google Drive working on displaying my fics again.

…yeah, I have bad luck with technology. The Google Drive thing is probably an auto-login problem, because somehow I’ve wound up with three different Google+ accounts… And possibly a fourth linked to Facebook. Which I hardly ever use now.

TLDR: My compy died, I have backups, and everything is SNAFU’d to shit. Monetary help is appreciated, but not necessary. I have ways of fighting back.

The ficcage will return. Sometime. Eventually.