The Semi-Annual Fuckup Factor

A 2-post collection

Tuesday, Patreon and Postage

My meds have gone ackers in the post, and AusPost wants me to wait for next week before I can report it missing. Yay.

I did get on to iHerb about the fuckup, so there's hope that something can be sorted about all this. The big problem is that mailing forms have ONE entry to put the street address in and you can't put the whole thing in the forms.

AND AusPost keeps changing their mind about the important bit -_-


It's Patreon day, so I have a plethora of posts to make. Progress to display and so on.

Today's PLN also includes turning Miss Chaos into a Pirate to generate money for brain cancer research. Putting the FUN in fundraising. As you do.

And it means I have some neat stuff in my costume cupboard, so...

BUT I really owe the internets some content so I'd best get wriggling on that.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

[Thus go the way of all things, for those who know less Latin than I]

My lunchbox Mac Mini up and died an entire year before its expected expiry date, and now all my fictions are locked up safely in a portable drive until such time as it can be connected to a computer that can handle it.

I’m starting to get really, really pissed off at Apple. $2K minimum for a computer that works fabulously… but when it

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