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Challenge #02826-G269: Foretold You So

Do you remember the story of how the lord obtained the nickname Bargore the Beloved? -- Anon Guest

[AN: One paranoid search of my entire archive later, I can say that I have to now invent Bargore :D My thanks to a Tumblr post I cannot immediately unearth for the plotline of today's tale]

Some people were never destined to be evil. No matter how many forces turn them that way, no matter the determination of the individual, Fate has other plans. She's vicious that way. For Bargore, it was a destiny of light and glory. Having laid eyes on the light and glorious, he decided to have none of it.

It's rare that people actively decide to be evil. They usually cloak it in other terms, generally projecting so hard that they could be running a lantern show[1] and accusing those who have nothing of cheating to get everything. They believe - or say they believe - that they are doing good. Not Bargore. Bargore chose to do all the bad things.

He started at six, shortly after hearing the prophecy and deciding to rebel against it in the most obvious way. The act in question - stealing a treat from a baby. Definitely evil for sure. His victim was a well-dressed child just past toddlerhood, and the treat was a warm sweet-bean dumpling that he snatched and tossed at a street dog, which ate it.

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