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Challenge #03744-J091: Fate Like a Dagger

I know my close friend is fated to die a terrible death. Yet, if I change this fate, I will cause much more destruction on everyone around us. My friend knows this, accepts it with a smile, and yet.... everything inside of me screams to change the world to save them. -- Anon Guest

My lord Neptolomos Jannaeus, inheritor of the Fiscal Empire of Olikent, is doomed. I've known he was doomed since we were ten. As for me? I am -was- his whipping boy. My lord was appointed by the will of the gods to lead the profits of the next generation. He could not be punished for his misdeeds. Therefore, I must be.

Or he would have been. The seer brought in for our tenth birthday pronounced him a grim future.

"Beware the Thrice-Sworn. Continue in the way of your blood and your blood shall be spilled." Ze was executed for hir innaccuracy. Except... the seers were always accurate. My lord beat me himself for bringing such an ill fate to his feet. My fault for being born on the same day as him.

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Challenge #02692-G135: Should Have Written a Fix-it Fic

There was a knocking at my door, annoyed I ignored it. But they are determined to reach to me. When I eventually answered, I haven’t a foggiest clue about them. Told them I’m not buying what they trying to sell, but before I was able to close the door they stop me and the next word was seared into my mind. “You don’t know who I am, but I know you... I know how your story will end, I-I

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Challenge #02072-E248: In the Stars

It's amazing how flaming balls of gas, billions of lightyears from Earth, can have such an impact on human existence. -- Anon Guest

It was mathematics. Geometry. Therefore it had to be as true as the four humors. Cassius watched as the Greek made notes and drew lines between symbols. It was, ultimately, a star-shaped drawing inside a circle, and some other intersecting lines.

"What are the omens?"

"The empire's displeasure continues. You will not rise yet," said Sophus the Prognosticator. "The

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Challenge #01673-D212: Middle Finger to Fate

An appellation for a person or group of people: They Who Defy Fate -- RecklessPrudence

On the day that the children become adults, be it their first blood or their first chest hair, they are told their fate. Most resign themselves to it. Some... fight.

Rare are the ones who are successful, and fewer still are the ones who go courting it.

Helen was told by the village seer, "You will die childless, and surrounded by Imps." She did not resign herself

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