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Challenge #03379-I091: Eternal Regrets

Half Angel / Half Demon, All Hero. Amatu tries to find a way to cure Malforence of their curse and bring them back into the light.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03327-i039-a-brief-and-regrettable-encounter -- FightingFit

The simplest of questions lead to the longest of stories. In this case, a simple, "What happened to them?" lead to the kind of story that could take days to tell. Wraithvine knew their time was limited and tried to keep it to the barest of bones.

The best of intentions. A chronic disease that shortened their time. Desperation. Mistakes. A warning that was not heeded. Trying and failing and failing to turn them away from a path.

"It's been centuries since they broke my heart. For some time, I thought I wouldn't have a heart left any more." A sigh almost as old as ze was. Perhaps it was even older. "Sometimes, people won't be saved. I never did learn to let them go to their own doom."

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