Saturday, Parkrun & PLNs

Second complete parkrun. I get a milestone after about a year of these, so I shall see if I can make it that long.

There's another after TEN years, and I'm currently like haha good joke there mate.

We will be able to do Crimbolio shopping when we have money again, this coming Tuesday. THAT is when I shall go out into the wilderness and attempt to return with something cool for everyone I love.

With a very limited budget.

I have some vague ideas of what to do for some of the fam. The rest... are either too expensive to acquire, not where I can get it, or just plain nonexistent.

I know I can't easily buy ScoMo bending over where MeMum can kick his bum. Can you? Thought not.

I'd like one tenth of Bezos and Musk's on-paper wealth so I could sort out my life for a change and that's not happening either.


After I stream and publish, I will likely be joining my Beloved in an afternoon nap.

We're a whirlwind of activity.

I need to prep for that. Story soonish enough.