Challenge #03631-I343: Core Education

More lessons for the young man, maybe a few life lessons on self care, and self confidence? Maybe, eventually, helping others from that school? -- Anon Guest

They say that the oldest magic is the strongest, and they're not wrong. In the glory days of forgotten empires, there were less people for more magic. So of course every spell was stronger and had lasting power.

In the more recent day, such as the days Strodius was living in, there was less of it. People tended to yearn for the power of the ancients and all of the associated vainglory.

Wraithvine listened in patience to Strodius' quasi-lecture that was mostly jealousy for the ancients. "Ah yes," ze said. "I remember those years. When the gods walked the earth and people could throw around mountains worth of magic with nary a consequence. Horrible time. Horrible."

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