Challenge #03633-I345: Really Big Softy

A Human has a pair of massive Maine Coon cats. They're gentle, fluffy, and HUGE. Needless to say, until they get to know the felines, some Havenworlders are terrified. The poor things are rescue cats from a cruel Deregger who had them declawed. -- Anon Guest

The Human had a pair of predators as pets. Because of course a Human saw nothing wrong with keeping predators in their habitat. Deathworlders. They were all the same. Right up to claiming their carnivorous beasts were old softies, wouldn't harm a fly, and were in fact soppy old things.

These were enormous felids, no matter how fluffy their fur, they were big beasts. Whoever created them had bred for size. The nap of their coats just added to their presence.

The fact that Human Chao could wear either one across his shoulders like a scarf did nothing for their confidence. They were still cats that were of a size with most crewmembers. They could still hunt. Thus, the understanding barrier.

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