Game Night

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Sunday, Game Night and Shenanigans

I continue to be a busy busy bean, today. I forgot The Bikkie this Friday, so I fed my starter this morning and hoping for the best. One day is not that bad for a starter in the fridge.

I do have some wholemeal flour to make myself some bread with. Since bread is what I miss the most about going Keto. I plan on doing One Giant Loaf and subdividing it into daily servings and freezing them for later use. I also plan on using Chia seeds in some manner and seeing how that goes.

This experiment: Soak the seeds in the water for the bread for like half an hour and see how it goes.

I'll be the only person eating it so it should all be good.


I think I'm at about the halfway point of writing Chpater 360 of A Devil's Tale so that should be going on to it's fourth GoogDoc real soon now.

5.5 chapters until I start posting starter sentences in my socials.


Tomorrow evening, I am welcoming Beloved and Adorable home from the South Americas. On Tuesday, I shall be getting a huge amount of gravel delivered to my home, and therefore be able to un-pothole my swamp backyard.

The sooner I'm able to drive my car into the shed, the happier I'll be.

Soon, soon, soon, I shall stream a story. Then? I can nap.

Thursday, Game Night

I'm battling the morbs, this morning. So much is not working, including my wrists.

I'm going to be working with speech to text, today. All the better to rest my poor wrists.

I can only continue at the moment because I have my bracers on extra tight. Which is, of course, excruciating.

I have to decide what I'm doing, when I'm doing and how I'm doing it. And, of course, the quote-unquote helpful app decides to turn itself off at moments it

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Thursday, Game Night and Some Changes

Today, I read the last group of five chapters for Adorable. There will be more later, but I'm reading them in batches of five.

Tomorrow, I dial up Adapting and see what my limit is with reading that raw audio. I've selected an arbitrary figure of ten alternate reads. That should give me time to do some other things.

Who knows? I may even find some time to firkin enjoy myself. Get back to playing the sexy vampire game, maybe.

Book four

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Thursday, Game Night and Cuddles

I have my Beloved for another evening, this week. I am making myself either one or many dinners with the slow cooker. I've got some pork tongues slowly stewing with the following:

  • Probably about a litre of cheap white vinegar [I measured all this with my heart]
  • About 2 tbsp powdered ginger
  • A pinch of whole peppercorns
  • A generous pinch of salt
  • 5 whole cloves
  • About 2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 2 granny smith apples, finely sliced
  • 2 litres of water

I had it

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Thursday, Game Night and Relax Perhaps?

I'm going through some emotional stuff between Beloved and myself. Stress and stressors and anxiety all in an unseemly heap and date night was a lot of crying and argument.

I'm getting all that unloaded in a different blog.

Stuff off my chest accomplished, I'm still feeling a little frazzled. I am going to go offline to draw ducks after I am done doing the offerings for the interwebs.

...and the voice recordings for Adorable so she can hear my novel in

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Thursday, Game Night and Catching Up

I did indeed go offski to cuddle Beloved and spend some time. Lucky for me and my anxiety, Adorable had a busy day and didn't have the time to listen to any chapters.

I aim to get up to 20, and hope to get up to thirty red and recorded for her.

No stress though.

Turns out that Adorable's auditioning podcasts on weekends only, so I don't have to panic about having any stories recorded, edited, and ready to fling at people

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Thursday, Game Night and Game Day?

We're playing TTRPGs with the rainbow crew tonight. I may be playing Satisfactory with Adorable this afternoon. But I have to get a rattle on with my offerings.

Not helped by my mentoring one of my Beginners about plot elements and making a story tastier for the audience.

Currently providing insights into writing psychopaths is dividing my attention.

I should try to focus on the offerings. More time to play means more time to hang out [even virtually] with Adorable.

Let's get

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Thursday, Game Night and Fun Times

The QPP went out to watch The Little Mermaid. The unnecessary live action remake version of it.

Make no mistake, Halley Bailey does amazing work in this film. It is not her fault that she's been acting against soulless CGI puppets and one guy who can't really sing.

I was not impressed by the Seemingly Mandatory Lin Manuel Miranda rap. And it's not his fault that the corporate mouse owns his soul.

I would like to know who held the decision button

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Tired Bean

Operating on not a lot of sleep today. I will probably have enough energy to do the story stream, but I feel like I'll need a nap before the publishing happens.

We shall see.

Tale Foundry is doing the story reads as I write, and I have not done ONE word in the next prompt.

I also have another prompt to have some fun with. My Patrons will see that before anyone else. As always.

Chapter Count: 2/5ths of Chapter 280

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Thursday, Vet Visit and Game Night

Took the expensive cat to the vet's for a pleasant surprise - No huge and looming dental bill. Huzzah!

I'm still figuring out what I'm doing for most of the day, but I will henceforth be focussing my Extras Energy on summarising my gotdang novels because I can't ship them out without the necessary nonsenses collected and collated.


Further, there's a writer's strike going on so that scriptwriters, series writers, and anyone I can't immediately think of GET FUCKING PAID FOR

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Sunday, Game Night, Tale Foundry, Nonsense

Tomorrow, I journey to MeMum's to teach her things and help fix stuff. Today, I attempt to focus on assorted nonsense. Tale Foundry is reading stories. I should stream today's tale sometime RSN.

Going out and about without the Lappy is going to be a pain in the bum. Yes, I can manage with the iPad, but I never figured out how to stop doing smart quotes in that thing and going back to amend them into 'dumb' quotes is one extra

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Sunday, Game Night, the Blargies

I don't know what came over me this morning, but I couldn't hang on for the Tale Foundry, let alone stream.

So I cancelled the story stream and went for a nap. Not sure it took.

BUT it is the afternoon, so I should probably force it happening.

Gave the starters/harvest product to my Beloved while I napped and she's still about to make a start. Sigh.

I'll focus on the story and then crawl back to bed and hope for

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Sunday, Foundry, Game Night, and Catching up

I am currently making The Bikkie because I didn't have the time for it yesterday. I will be cleaning out the Catio at a later hour.

But first, Tale Foundry.

Later on, I shall be taking my nap so I can play games and chat with my international maniacs.

I haven't written very much these last couple of days. The crimbo hassle is getting on my butt.

I have cats investigating the current desk arrangement. Pippi has disconnected the main monitor thrice

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Sunday, Game Night and Budgets

I figured that if I set a limit to my present-buying shenanigans, then it won't break the bank.

Not publishing my limits because fam reads this. I don't want to shame them just because we like to have expensive shit.

I have a quarter of the next map drawn, and I'm focussing on making critter counters for the eventual game. Huzzah.

I might be able to finish the floor plan of the second map. Then I experiment with how to keep tokens

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

I'm waiting for Tale Foundry to go active, and pondering the next entry. But first I must at least write this entry.

I don't expect much out of myself today or tomorrow. At some point, my love and I will have to rejigger the sullage pipes because the neighbours have sic'd the council on us to get that done.

We still don't have the money to make a sullage garden because food and amenities bills. Blargh. And the neighbours behind us are

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