Game Night

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Sunday, Game Night, the Blargies

I don't know what came over me this morning, but I couldn't hang on for the Tale Foundry, let alone stream.

So I cancelled the story stream and went for a nap. Not sure it took.

BUT it is the afternoon, so I should probably force it happening.

Gave the starters/harvest product to my Beloved while I napped and she's still about to make a start. Sigh.

I'll focus on the story and then crawl back to bed and hope for the best. least I got the Catio sorted so the cats don't whizz on random bits of fabric in the house. I will take that win.

Sunday, Foundry, Game Night, and Catching up

I am currently making The Bikkie because I didn't have the time for it yesterday. I will be cleaning out the Catio at a later hour.

But first, Tale Foundry.

Later on, I shall be taking my nap so I can play games and chat with my international maniacs.

I haven't written very much these last couple of days. The crimbo hassle is getting on my butt.

I have cats investigating the current desk arrangement. Pippi has disconnected the main monitor thrice

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Sunday, Game Night and Budgets

I figured that if I set a limit to my present-buying shenanigans, then it won't break the bank.

Not publishing my limits because fam reads this. I don't want to shame them just because we like to have expensive shit.

I have a quarter of the next map drawn, and I'm focussing on making critter counters for the eventual game. Huzzah.

I might be able to finish the floor plan of the second map. Then I experiment with how to keep tokens

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

I'm waiting for Tale Foundry to go active, and pondering the next entry. But first I must at least write this entry.

I don't expect much out of myself today or tomorrow. At some point, my love and I will have to rejigger the sullage pipes because the neighbours have sic'd the council on us to get that done.

We still don't have the money to make a sullage garden because food and amenities bills. Blargh. And the neighbours behind us are

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

Tale Foundry has delayed to another day, so I'm filling in time until Stream O'Clock. Which means I might have time to resume some of my bullshit getting the entry done before the prompt is announced.

None of the folks who can share a game are able to play with me, so I shall be streaming more of the Cat Game. Yay.

The usual stuff will continue after I have a look at the poll on Tale Foundry's Patreon. The good news

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