Change of PLN

A 2-post collection

Saturday, Other Shenanigans

The weather bureau predicted flooding rains and the shittiest of weather for today. That in combo with Friendo Awesome and the busted tooth meant that we took it easy this morning and went on with more leisurely plns.

Cue a Leyland's Tour that included: breakfast, a haircut for Friendo Awesome, two pickup points and a coffee break.

And that's why I'm doing my normal nonsense in the afternoon.

In the bad news department...

My old phone is delaminating because swelling battery syndrome, so a very expensive change is in the wind. I'm swapping my sim card to a temporary device just in case of broken comms lines with the potential for phone repair in the wings. [I may or may not be getting a new phone when we can afford it]

The storm front is still a pain in my anatomy so my immediate plans post posting is to lie down somewhere dark and maybe play Animal Crossing.

Let's get on with that.

Sunday Complications

I'm writing this on Saturday night so that nobody panics on Sunday. There's a memorial for Capt. S at her church and we have to be there EARLY.

Which means we have to take off EARLY.

Which means that I won't have time for any of my scheduled shenanigans AT ALL.

Including my blog here.

Tomorrow is all about being there for the fam.

IF I can squeeze in an instant at a later hour, it will not be streamed. If I

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