Thursday, Game Night and Some Changes

Today, I read the last group of five chapters for Adorable. There will be more later, but I'm reading them in batches of five.

Tomorrow, I dial up Adapting and see what my limit is with reading that raw audio. I've selected an arbitrary figure of ten alternate reads. That should give me time to do some other things.

Who knows? I may even find some time to firkin enjoy myself. Get back to playing the sexy vampire game, maybe.

Book four is going to be very interesting. Once more changing the rhythm of chapters and playing with time a little bit. Because circumstances of the narrative.

It will definitely showcase the differences between Kosh and Delia, and why they're so good for each other.

And THEN I can get on with all those epilogues I wanted to do.

...I might have to release those as a series of supplemental material because they're Kosh and Delia in a state of peace and happiness.

Time, as always, will tell.