Challenge #03945-J293: Caught in the Flames

They were not cleared for caring, technically they shouldn't be doing this. They were Pax Humanis after all. Don't give a damn, they held the child firmly but gently and ran as fast as they could to get to med station, and to escape the forest fire. -- Lessons

Some laws of the universe are incontrovertible. Don't eat anything that smells nasty. Don't drink anything that smells foul. Never leave a crying child in a place of peril.

Even when you're one of the most dangerous members of Pax Humanis.

One of the other incontrovertible rules is Never let a murderer near a baby, but these were clearly extenuating circumstances. Slash would pay for it later. Incarcerated safely away from society, with every kind of remedial lesson on what should have been done in the circumstances.

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