Saturday, Parkrun and Changes

Beloved has a change of fate, and I shall be receiving wages when it all goes through. It is still pending and in the process of setting up.

I'm already depressed because my first paycheque has to go on tyres and not a celebratory dinner. Needs weigh higher than wants, true, but... eh. I'd much rather have the dinner.

We had our hair did today, so I have very little time to get my offerings on.

I need to hurry up and get on with getting on with my offerings and side project.

I have moved my story stream to Thursday mornings, as that is the easiest day for me to do the streams. I have little else going on Thursday until the evening thereof.

So tomorrow morning, I put on my knees, run some of the dungeon, and then take off the rest of the day to snuggle with Beloved.

Onwards to the offerings (and side project) of the day.