Challenge #04044-K026: Hoard, Lair, Hat

A small, intelligent, dragonling lands on Wraithvine's hat carrying its treasure, a single gold coin. It looks quite pleased with itself, Lilbit the cat, however, is indifferent to the new arrival. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine thought it was an insect at first, hitting hir hat and resting there for a moment's ease. What alerted hir to the truth was the fact that Lilbit glanced up, and went back to sleep on Wraithvine's shoulders.

Lilbit was absolute death on anything insectoid. She would not let a fly pass by. She actively had to be discouraged from harming butterflies and moths.

Wraithvine found a place to stop off the road, then took off hir hat. Which had a very tiny dragon perched amongst the herbs and ribbons Wraithvine had added to the crown.

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