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Challenge #03980-J328: The Most Treasured Thing

The one thing the dragon coveted in their entire hoard was not the gold, the gemstones, or the fine tapestries. It was a plain, wooden, statue given to them when they were but a hatchling. If someone came, respectfully, asking for aid, they did not mind sharing the rest, but don't anyone dare touch that one precious item. -- Anon Guest

A Dragon's Hoard is not what the legends keep saying it is. More often than not, they are things the Dragon finds worthy of treasuring. The gold and gems are more of a personal hygiene treatment. Gems to scratch out any parasites, and gold to smother any that the gems missed.

As for why they guard it so jealously... imagine some small creatures invaded your home and attempted to kill you for your bespoke body wash. You'd be ticked about that too.

More than one Dragon is prepared to surrender some of their "body wash" to those who visit in need. They roast those who come in greed. And to a rare few who visit, they allow to tour the true hoard. Those precious treasures are not things mere mortals might value, and are unique to the Dragon.

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Challenge #03962-J310: All Customers Welcome

Our service is unique, our clients are huge. Why do we, such a seemingly small village, live in such a massive cave? Ah, here comes one of our clients now. See that huge dragon in the distance? They want a scrub. That is what we do. This is Spasville. And our speciality is giving even the biggest dragons a wonderful spa, complete with scale-scrub, claw-trim, wing-massage and polish! -- Anon Guest

There are technically five entrances to Boiling Mountain, and the township

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Challenge #03909-J257: Found Family Speedrun

Five youngsters are found by a massive dragon when they wander into the dragon's cave searching for food. They are adopted by the dragon, for they no family save for each other, and people learn what happens when you deliberately abuse a dragon's family. -- Anon Guest

"But it smelled like baking," said a small voice, echoing in Hardscale's lair.

"It smelled like heat," corrected a second voice. "And farts. I told you it wasn't real cooking."

A third little voice sighed.

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Challenge #03799-J146: It Ain't Broke

The dragon's scales would drop and turn to gold, and the village used it to make their coins. The one thing the dragon demanded was the village not get greedy about it.

The elders teach their children "Betray not the dragon that guards our homes, and allows us to live free. For if your heart grows cold and cruel, the dragon will forsake thee." -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Gilded Hills, here there be Dragon. Not a multitude. One is plenty.


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Challenge #03716-J063: Prepared for Boarding

A human family, and their dear draconic friends, have set up a special service. Go up the hill to the large farm by the mountain, the dragons, for a fee, will give you a lift where-ever you want to go! The humans make sure the ones asking for a lift are not there to make trouble. -- Anon Guest

Blufyre had had a clutch. Her nearby city had celebrated the laying and, ten years later, the hatching. Baby Dragons are very cute

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Challenge #03595-I306: Accidental Family

A traveling merchant meets a lost infant dragon with no family anywhere to be seen. They adopt the young dragon, caring for them, and search for the hatchling's family while traveling the trade routes. -- DaniAndShali

Adult Dragons are huge. Everyone knows this. What might surprise people is that the babies are ludicrously tiny. Orgoloth the Mad found a creature ze initially mistook for a microdragon huddling in the shrubbery. Ze wondered briefly why it was moist and sticky, but a quick

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Challenge #03271-H362: Draconis Rex

Silverwing, over the years, makes deals with other adventurers. Some even end up with families while living near the dragon's den. After a while a village has formed with one unified goal, protect their dragon friend. Other adventurers, dragon-slayers, come to try to take down the dragon, and find out that this village does NOT tolerate such behavior. They protect the dragon and the kolbolds, and in return, the dragon takes care of any deadly predators that threaten the village. Not to

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Challenge #03186-H277: Pax Draconis

A massive dark dragon, breath of great flame. Enormous wings, hide oddly smooth and soft. The maw was filled with large teeth, the dark red eyes slitted and serpent-like. Yet the voice? Warm, unusually kind, intelligent, gentle. The feared, hated, creature, has never killed save non-intelligent animals for food, and only wanted peace between itself and others. Yet the only ones willing to listen, were the kobolds who'd made their home within its den. Then, came travelers, would they listen to the

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Challenge #03032-H109: Dragon Favoured

The Dragonmage, the young men and women chosen of dragon-kind. Formerly the unwanted, the undesirable, the abused, the mistreated. Incorruptible due to their bond with their dragons, they feared almost nothing save for the idea that their desire to save innocent lives would fail. The greedy, the grasping, the cruel, they sought out children who might have eggs now. Attempts to corrupt, attempts to control their own dragonmages. But the dragons were sent to taught this world a lesson, painfully if need

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Challenge #02805-G248: A Need of Dragons

They arrived from many places around the world, and yet, they all seemed to know how to get to the village. Those from other nations found funds and tickets to planes waiting for them, as well as all information they needed to get to that place. The ones already in that continent traveling on foot, by surprisingly convenient rides, by rail, etc., all the same, to find themselves on a wide, easily traversed, path into the forests. The strange thing is, the

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Challenge #02547-F357: Now There Be Dragons

Waking up in the forest with a splitting headache, they realized something hit the car at tremendous speed. They awakened to finding in their lap a large, greenish-blue, egg. They had no idea where it came from but they carefully held it while scrambling out of the car and fleeing into the forest. They'd smashed the cell phone they'd been forced to carry, stolen the car, and fled from their very abusive foster-parents knowing that the foster-mother had probably called the cops

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Challenge #01771-D310: Helper Dragon

This post: https://blue-shadow-fire-dragon.tumblr.com/post/139867120326/elfoftheforest-but-imagine-if-we-had-tiny -- TheDragonsFlame

Eldarol Vale, the sign read. Here there be dragons. And it was amusing since Elderol Vale was the Pet Dragon capital of the world. The best breeders came from Elderol Vale. The best breeds came from there. The most sincere and severe show judges grew up there, and knew what was good for the animals. In smaller print, the sign boasted, Zero rapes since the Year of the Eternally Staring Owl

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Challenge #01731-D270: They Call it Dragoncote

Why do dragons hoard wealth and guard it so jealously? Because for dragons, much like for kings, money is power.

With kings, such a phrase lies more in the metaphor of capitalism, but for dragons it is taken much more literally - the greater the amount of gold and jewels and other treasures a dragon can amass and claim as their own, the more magically potent and physically larger they become, and likewise the less riches they possess, the smaller and weaker

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Challenge #01659-D198: Kind and Dangerous Stranger

Never annoy a sleeping dragon, for you are fat and crunchy, and taste good with BBQ sauce! -- Fliss

At first, she thought it was a lava flow. One of those ones where the lava ran under a relatively whole, cooler skin. It was warm enough to be one. Then she noticed the way it flexed rhythmically, and realised that, in fact, this was a sleeping dragon. Fire was their element and this black-scaled beauty was no different. Their skin luminesced as

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Challenge #01514-D053: One Miserable Evening in a Dragon's Lair


Pick one! -- Gallifreya

Of all the experiences in the multiverse, there's nothing like sprawling across the head of a friendly dragon. Alas, since this dragon was fighting a bout of the 'flu, it meant that Sam was doing the sprawling in a budgie-smuggler, and kept one hand on the fire extinguisher.

Dragons sneeze fire. And even though Bloodflight was comfy in his cave, there was still the risk of setting a few things on fire.

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