Challenge #03909-J257: Found Family Speedrun

Five youngsters are found by a massive dragon when they wander into the dragon's cave searching for food. They are adopted by the dragon, for they no family save for each other, and people learn what happens when you deliberately abuse a dragon's family. -- Anon Guest

"But it smelled like baking," said a small voice, echoing in Hardscale's lair.

"It smelled like heat," corrected a second voice. "And farts. I told you it wasn't real cooking."

A third little voice sighed. "At least it's warm. Is there any food left?" That was what got Hardscale's notice, and made him turn to look. There were five of them, all members of the Unwelcome People for this particular era. Three Hellkin, one Halfbred of Harukh ancestry, and one Gobelliin. The fact that the half-Harukh tried to hide behind the Gobelliin nearly broke Hardscale's heart.

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