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Challenge #03745-J092: Conquering Family

This small one, you ask, was meat. Found them as a baby, was going to raise them to make them big enough to be a real meal. Yes they are human, they are my child. They are VORAX! Touch them, and you will suffer before I let you die. -- Anon Guest

This is mine, by right of conquest. I decide what is done with it. Touch it and lose a limb. This was small, and soft, and vulnerable. This... was meat. Until I learned differently.

The teeth only look blunt and useless. This small creature has cracked my claw carapaces with their bite more than once. They have done so to my raidmates, who attempted to steal them from me. Many have learned not to take them from me.

The arms only look vulnerable and weak. I have witnessed with my own eyes how this creature can hurl small objects with force and accuracy. Enough to end a life without any seeming effort. I realised that my meat was not meat. So I taught them to be one of us.

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Challenge #03696-J043: Scrounged Family

How do you determine who is family?

It's not by blood.

It's a simple thing, really.

Who are you willing to fight for, to die for, and protect?

Who makes you happy every time you see them?

Who worries of you, and holds your hand if you're in need?

Those are your family. -- Anon Guest

Charity Mudbarak never had much of a home. Nor that much of an example of parental behaviour. What he remembered was the others in the mud

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Challenge #03644-I356: Welcome, Again, to the World

Could we see how the new child is raised? Does Wraithvine take them in, or does Amatu? I'm curious. -- The New Guy

The jar was heavy, and it seemed to help to have someone either nearby or carrying it. Pondermore took some of the burden while traveling back to see Amatu's girl. Amatu carried it sometimes, or curled around it during their resting hours. Stravras the Really Dark Grey had given them a little device

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Challenge #03627-I339: Legally Bound

“I finally created the ultimate slave contract where the victim is enslaved by their own free will, they may be able to break it anytime but the repercussion will be emotionally immense.” “My lord, these are just adoption papers

oh here’s part 2 -- Anon Guests

[AN: I can only guess that these are from two different Nonnies, but the second link supplied leads only to the first bit. Alas, alack]

Lord Aszhatt glared at the seneschal. "But they must fear

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Challenge #03595-I306: Accidental Family

A traveling merchant meets a lost infant dragon with no family anywhere to be seen. They adopt the young dragon, caring for them, and search for the hatchling's family while traveling the trade routes. -- DaniAndShali

Adult Dragons are huge. Everyone knows this. What might surprise people is that the babies are ludicrously tiny. Orgoloth the Mad found a creature ze initially mistook for a microdragon huddling in the shrubbery. Ze wondered briefly why it was moist and sticky, but a quick

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Challenge #03583-I294: Sufficient Motivation

A Tiefling learns how the people that some disparagingly called "Naga" all but worship Tiefling-kind. And eagerly take in any such children raising them well. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm moving this to Alfarell where the devilish children of "darkness" are called Hellkin]

Kala gave up on humanity at age five, when someone tried to chop off their tail for the eighth time in their memory. Having learned to read in the gutter schools, they sought any and all information about places

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Challenge #03514-I226: Mine, Now

A very small child is picked up by Wraithvine and keeps calling hir 'papi'. They refuse to let anyone but their 'papi' anywhere near them. -- Anon Guest

Ze was in the middle of nowhere, and had summoned hir traveling tower just to have a kitchen and a roof over hir head. Other wizards might make such a thing extravagant and palatial. Wraithvine's was a little stone cottage with just enough accommodations for an unexpected guest, and a self-maintaining garden. Unwelcome people

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Challenge #03477-I189: You're Adopted Again

It is my honest opinion, reading your stories, that Amatu and Wraithvine are becoming as close as brothers. Even if they are not by blood, the bond is obviously forming. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Amatu and Wraithvine are vastly different in ages.]

Sometimes realisation creeps up on a mind like a nervous houseguest at a party where they only know a couple of people. Though in this case it isn't awkwardly asking where the bathroom is. In other times, just like now,

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Challenge #03447-I159: Milestones and Progress

The adult Bubs speaks to an interviewer for a podcast who wants to know how she came to grow up with the family she had. What happened to her birth family, and what she did now for a career. -- Anon Guest

I don't really remember my place of origin that much. Just little things. Like how differently it smelled and how unclean it was. I remember being afraid of adult humans for quite a while.

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Challenge #03436-I148: Found Home

A young teen comes up to Kevin, Ma, and the rest of the party and asks Kevin to please teach them how to use a bow and arrow. They live with their grandparents and want to help make life better for their poor family by providing more food. They would be honored if he would be willing to teach them. -- Anon Guest

Rex, Kevin's new baby brother, spent most of the journey riding someone else. In a backpack or sling, he

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Challenge #03404-I116: A Palpable Hit

The very motley crew, with a woman who seemed to want to take everyone under her wing with a kind heart beneath that gruff exterior begins to enter the realm of danger. The "Old Fool" rather glad for the help with clothing gets helplessly damaged, and the ones that were once lonely, bereft of friends or family, find the warmth, even in facing a deadly foe, that comes with being loved. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Also

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Challenge #03399-I111: Pulled Out a Plum

If saving you is a sin I’ll gladly become a sinner -- Anon Guest

The crying infant had roused him from his bed, and when he saw what was crying, he almost thought it a mercy to smother the newborn beast. As a cleric of the Divine Light, that was close to heresy. Except for what lay on the town's midden.

Skin the colour of a ripe plum, a lashing tail with a spaded tip. The kicking legs had cloven hooves

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Challenge #03398-I110: Earned Trust

A colony of Phloran peoples that are a break-away from their normal polity are more open to strangers, albeit very carefully to avoid being eaten. They invite Xue to bring the child to the colony to learn to care for the child. -- Anon Guest

Sprout wore Toxic Colours, as well as a patch that was their family crest. A Masked Lapwing, rampant[1], and the words, Death to All Threats on the scrolling underneath. Black

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Challenge #03341-I053: Not So Much Bullrush

Grow big my beloved plant

this is my beloved plant very very good looking

what do ya think?? -- Anon Guest

Always answer a distress beacon, for the distress in question may one day be yours. -- The first law of space travel.

Trucker Xue knew they would be docked pay for diverting to pick up the life pod, but flakk the shipping corp that did that. The CRC would reimburse them soon enough. Mercy had its rewards in the deep dark.

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Challenge #03337-I049: Branching Out

Vesa Solonen is a 40-year-old career criminal. He is usually silent and doesn't talk too much, except in a very intense situation. As his last name suggests, he is still unmarried and keeps solo. -- Anon Guest

They call me Solonen because I work alone. It's not what you call a 'real' surname, but it is one that is all mine. The name on the official paperwork is Vesa Meikäläinen. What you Americans might think of as Vesa Doe. It is a

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