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Challenge #04150-K132: Blame the Bully

A kind individual helps a younger individual learn that the bullying and mistreatment they've suffered is NOT their fault, they didn't do anything wrong. The ones who were in the wrong were their bullies. -- Anon Guest

"Devilborn! Devil-bred! Go and cry and wet your bed!"

There were worse things the children of the town could be doing to him than their daily chant. They could throw anything, including punches and hard objects. Or soft objects.

If he was fast enough. Wily enough. If he showed the right emotions, just to make them laugh at him... Worth might just escape without anything worse. He'd found enough shinies to trade for coin, and with enough coin, he might get some food that wasn't spoiled.

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Challenge #04078-K060: Lost and Found

Wraithvine nearly reprimands a group being helped by a person who's thin, exhausted, and still working hard. Until they realize that the group's been trying to get the person to stop, too.

"But... I like helping people, it makes me feel as if I'm worth something, it makes me happy, that I have value."

"But you DO have value, to all of us, here."

"No... really... I don't."

--Sigh-- --Anon Guest

It was an easy mistake to make. From a distance, it

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Challenge #04055-K037: Family Re-Union

Orgoloth had been traveling for almost two years with hir adopted child, Titinwee. Searching for any news of a dragon who'd lost their egg. Finally news comes, and the reunion is, at first tense, but with a lot of gratitude on both half of draconic family, and Orgoloth. -- Anon Guest

Merchants, by and large, are all about growth and change. In the case of one merchant, that growth and change is heralded by their adopted

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Challenge #03925-J273: One of Our Own

A Vorax ship holds a shock to the humans, another human. A female who was raised from infancy by the Vorax. She's as fierce as they are. -- Anon Guest

Peace rarely happens all at once. There is no universal celebration when the Evil Overlord is vanquished. There is no worldwide breaking of chains when the fascist is hanged, or meets a lonely demise while hiding in a bunker from the revenge of the righteous.

Some are kept unaware of their new

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Challenge #03909-J257: Found Family Speedrun

Five youngsters are found by a massive dragon when they wander into the dragon's cave searching for food. They are adopted by the dragon, for they no family save for each other, and people learn what happens when you deliberately abuse a dragon's family. -- Anon Guest

"But it smelled like baking," said a small voice, echoing in Hardscale's lair.

"It smelled like heat," corrected a second voice. "And farts. I told you it wasn't real cooking."

A third little voice sighed.

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Challenge #03884-J232: Mind This For Me

There was a battle, the human shoved the last four besides them into a life pod. Their companions and a very small human infant placed in their companions arms before the pod was shot out into space while the human remained behind to fight. -- Anon Guest

The infant Deathworlder slept through all of it. They were still asleep now that they were all far from the recent upsets. Unaware that their parental had just sacrificed herself to ensure the rest of

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Challenge #03855-J203: Dragon, Curse, Knight

I realize that I am a dragon and they are a human. But I will raise this infant like they were my own. I found them lost, filthy, starving, and alone. I'm not willing to risk them ending up that way again. -- Anon Guest

This is my child. I will guard hir and guide hir. I will protect hir and teach hir. Of course I committed to feeding hir and keeping hir clean. It is not easy, but it is my

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Challenge #03745-J092: Conquering Family

This small one, you ask, was meat. Found them as a baby, was going to raise them to make them big enough to be a real meal. Yes they are human, they are my child. They are VORAX! Touch them, and you will suffer before I let you die. -- Anon Guest

This is mine, by right of conquest. I decide what is done with it. Touch it and lose a limb. This was small, and soft, and vulnerable. This... was meat.

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Challenge #03696-J043: Scrounged Family

How do you determine who is family?

It's not by blood.

It's a simple thing, really.

Who are you willing to fight for, to die for, and protect?

Who makes you happy every time you see them?

Who worries of you, and holds your hand if you're in need?

Those are your family. -- Anon Guest

Charity Mudbarak never had much of a home. Nor that much of an example of parental behaviour. What he remembered was the others in the mud

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Challenge #03644-I356: Welcome, Again, to the World

Could we see how the new child is raised? Does Wraithvine take them in, or does Amatu? I'm curious. -- The New Guy

The jar was heavy, and it seemed to help to have someone either nearby or carrying it. Pondermore took some of the burden while traveling back to see Amatu's girl. Amatu carried it sometimes, or curled around it during their resting hours. Stravras the Really Dark Grey had given them a little device

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Challenge #03627-I339: Legally Bound

“I finally created the ultimate slave contract where the victim is enslaved by their own free will, they may be able to break it anytime but the repercussion will be emotionally immense.” “My lord, these are just adoption papers

oh here’s part 2 -- Anon Guests

[AN: I can only guess that these are from two different Nonnies, but the second link supplied leads only to the first bit. Alas, alack]

Lord Aszhatt glared at the seneschal. "But they must fear

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Challenge #03595-I306: Accidental Family

A traveling merchant meets a lost infant dragon with no family anywhere to be seen. They adopt the young dragon, caring for them, and search for the hatchling's family while traveling the trade routes. -- DaniAndShali

Adult Dragons are huge. Everyone knows this. What might surprise people is that the babies are ludicrously tiny. Orgoloth the Mad found a creature ze initially mistook for a microdragon huddling in the shrubbery. Ze wondered briefly why it was moist and sticky, but a quick

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Challenge #03583-I294: Sufficient Motivation

A Tiefling learns how the people that some disparagingly called "Naga" all but worship Tiefling-kind. And eagerly take in any such children raising them well. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm moving this to Alfarell where the devilish children of "darkness" are called Hellkin]

Kala gave up on humanity at age five, when someone tried to chop off their tail for the eighth time in their memory. Having learned to read in the gutter schools, they sought any and all information about places

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Challenge #03514-I226: Mine, Now

A very small child is picked up by Wraithvine and keeps calling hir 'papi'. They refuse to let anyone but their 'papi' anywhere near them. -- Anon Guest

Ze was in the middle of nowhere, and had summoned hir traveling tower just to have a kitchen and a roof over hir head. Other wizards might make such a thing extravagant and palatial. Wraithvine's was a little stone cottage with just enough accommodations for an unexpected guest, and a self-maintaining garden. Unwelcome people

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Challenge #03477-I189: You're Adopted Again

It is my honest opinion, reading your stories, that Amatu and Wraithvine are becoming as close as brothers. Even if they are not by blood, the bond is obviously forming. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Amatu and Wraithvine are vastly different in ages.]

Sometimes realisation creeps up on a mind like a nervous houseguest at a party where they only know a couple of people. Though in this case it isn't awkwardly asking where the bathroom is. In other times, just like now,

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