Challenge #03644-I356: Welcome, Again, to the World

Could we see how the new child is raised? Does Wraithvine take them in, or does Amatu? I'm curious. -- The New Guy

The jar was heavy, and it seemed to help to have someone either nearby or carrying it. Pondermore took some of the burden while traveling back to see Amatu's girl. Amatu carried it sometimes, or curled around it during their resting hours. Stravras the Really Dark Grey had given them a little device to let them know when or if the being inside needed blood, milk, or some other kind of sustenance. There was a huge list of things that should never be given as sustenance, which included liquid egg yolk and pennyroyal.

They had a cart for this leg of the trip, and Amatu had wrapped himself around the jar. Brooding over the contents in both meanings of the word.

Young men react strangely when they encounter sudden onset fatherhood. Older men are little better.

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