Challenge #03595-I306: Accidental Family

A traveling merchant meets a lost infant dragon with no family anywhere to be seen. They adopt the young dragon, caring for them, and search for the hatchling's family while traveling the trade routes. -- DaniAndShali

Adult Dragons are huge. Everyone knows this. What might surprise people is that the babies are ludicrously tiny. Orgoloth the Mad found a creature ze initially mistook for a microdragon huddling in the shrubbery. Ze wondered briefly why it was moist and sticky, but a quick cantrip amended both problems. It liked the softer foods when it could not get soup, and liked to perch on Orgoloth's lap.

It was enough of a draw to make people less averse to approaching a Dark Elf. And in the tiny pass-through town of Bendihollow, ze found out what hir presumed-pet was.

"How in the world did you survive acquiring a baby Dragon?" asked the mousy little maid at Bendihollow's only inn.

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