Challenge #04181-K163: One Bad Meet Cute

Dragon 1: "Why do you have a pest on your back?"

Dragon 2: "That's not a pest or vermin, that's my sibling."

Dragon 1: "Another adopted?"

Dragon 2: "Think what you like, I'll never abandon kids who want a family, no matter their species!." -- Anon Guest

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It took Glisterill ten years to realise that hir sibling Beauty was not a very small breed of Dragon. Beauty did have wings, but they were only good for gliding. Ze had a tail and horns just like Glisterill. Sharp teeth and sharp claws just like Glisterill.

But Beauty also had soft, delicate skin that the rest of the brood had to be careful with. Ze could not ingest fresh raw meat and in fact, had no breath to prepare it for better digestion. In time, Glisterill learned what Beauty really was.

A Hellkin. A legacy of Humanity's use of demonic magics. A scar to join all the others that non-draconic life had left on the world. None of which was Beauty's fault.

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