Challenge #04055-K037: Family Re-Union

Orgoloth had been traveling for almost two years with hir adopted child, Titinwee. Searching for any news of a dragon who'd lost their egg. Finally news comes, and the reunion is, at first tense, but with a lot of gratitude on both half of draconic family, and Orgoloth. -- Anon Guest

Merchants, by and large, are all about growth and change. In the case of one merchant, that growth and change is heralded by their adopted child. Which was a baby Dragon called Titinwee. In two years, they had grown from an armful of squirming curiosity and relatively helpless need, to a creature roughly the size of a retriever, that was very clearly a Dragon.

Titinwee was definitely going to get bigger.

Orgoloth, their Drow parental, had invested in a cart. Carrying Titinwee was becoming less and less of a desirable outcome of sore feet. And it helped immensely with business. They chatted about this or that between one place or another, and all was peaceful and happy. After all, it's amazing how often highway robbers decide to let a wagon with a Dragon pass peacefully by.

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